Introducing YOKA HEART BALMS, the take-anywhere salves that help calm your nerves, clear your mind, uplift your emotions and soothe your soul.

Each inspirational wand is handcrafted with love and the purest intentions, using only pure essential oils and nurturing, plant based vegan-friendly oils, by Yogini and Reiki practitioner Karen Grant.

These pure essential oils work in an aroma-therapeutic manner, offering both physical and emotional wellbeing to the user. The oils are absorbed into the blood stream via the skin after topical use and the olfactory system via our sense of smell (another beautiful reason to breathe deeply).

 Before it reaches you, its ultimate destination, each balm is ritually infused with Reiki and the healing power of carefully selected crystals, chosen to best support the area of life in which we need it most at the time of use – Love, Joy, Clarity, Calm, Sleep or Mood.

Intended to support your emotional wellbeing and offered as a nurturing, healthy alternative to chemical-laden perfumes, YOKA HEART BALMS are a breeze to use - simply push at the base to wind up the wand and massage it over your pulse or Chakra points.
The ideal antidote to the stress and grind of daily life, YOKA HEART BALMS are the perfect way to pamper yourself, or in which to bestow a friend or loved one with some spiritual support.


  • Simple to apply, anywhere, any time.

  • Brings you to a state of mindfulness, as you stop, massage over Chakra or Pulse points and inhale the pure aroma of natural, plant-based essential oils

  • Easy to carry with you everywhere

  • Promotes feelings of wellness, ease and relaxation