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Channelling Universal (“Rei”) Energy (“ki”), a Reiki session with Karen will leave you feeling nourished, centered and at peace. The energy goes where it’s most needed, you just have to turn up with an open heart and mind.

Beginning each session with a meditation brings you into the present moment, so that you can receive. Depending on which option you’ve chosen, you may also have the wonderful benefits of an aura cleansing with the sacred smoke of sage, and finishing your session with a beautiful sound healing.


Whether you are a beginner or seasoned student, a 1:1 yoga session with Karen will help you with the basics or fine-tune your practice. Designed specifically for your needs, combining meditation, pranayama and then the practice, no two sessions are the same.

You will finish with Savasana, the relaxation pose, so that you can re-enter the world feeling more whole and in tune with your own body, not just physically, but emotionally and mentally too.

Yoga Nidra

Do you have trouble sleeping? Then this practice is for you. Beginning with a centering practice, you will then move your body with some gentle stretches - ultimately preparing it to rest and receive deeply.

Then, let Karen’s dulcet tones take you to a blissful place, guiding you through the Yoga Nidra, encouraging your body into the Hypnogogic state, so that deep healing can occur.


Does your monkey mind set you off on spiraling, unhelpful thought journeys? Me too! Learning to meditate has been a h u g e factor in helping me keep my anxiety at bay (most of the time, let’s be honest).

You will learn age-old, simple meditation techniques so that you can establish your own home practice and become the master of your own mind.

Myofascial Release Therapy

Next to Yin Yoga, one of my most favourite practices! Using various types of balls and other yoga equipment, each session targets trigger points in the body that feel full of tension and knots. You will feel the benefits and results immediately!

You will feel more supple, alive and flexible after this session.

Chakra Balancing

Running from the base of the spine to the crown of the head, the seven main energy centres of the body or Chakras disperse energy through the body. Modern day living can impact our Chakras and cause them to become imbalanced. This is turn can have a profound effect on our energetic and emotional well-being.

Karen’s signature Chakra Balancing practice combines Yin asanas, Mudras, Kriyas and Affirmations to help re-align the seven main Chakras in the body, leaving you feeling back at home in your own body, mind and soul.

Luxury Add-Ons

Yoga Nidra - a thirty minute guided practice, encouraging the body into the hypnogogic stage. A beautiful way to end your session.

Gua Sha Facial - A Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment to help hydrate the collagen fibres in the face – a chemical free boost to the delicate skin on the face

Holistic Offerings

Only sharing what Karen regularly practices herself; tried and tested ways of bringing her back to her true nature.

With love, patience and kindness…