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Born and raised in Dundalk, Ireland, 42-year-old Karen Grant relocated to Australia in 2009 after having a lifelong dream of living in ‘The Lucky Country”.

She’s never looked back.

The Luck of The Irish followed her, and that, teamed with her down to earth nature and need to nurture both herself and others, led her to pursue a career as a Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master.



After losing her mother to cancer at the tender age of 10, Karen was raised in a single parent household by an abusive, alcoholic father who made her feel useless and unworthy. As a result, Karen grew up with a less than healthy vision of herself.

 “I grew up despising my body, hating my imperfections and spent a good part of my life a searching for a salve for my soul in all the wrong places,” she freely admits. “I looked to alcohol to numb the pain, dated the wrong men trying to find a replacement father figure and worked in several jobs that simply left me deeply unsatisfied.”

 “My first yoga class was back in Ireland when I was 20, and I practised off and on over the years. However, my real ‘ah-ha’ moment was when I began my teacher training in 2013. That moment gained momentum with time and continued training, growing into a brighter light bulb through years of therapy, self-help books and regular Reiki sessions.”

 Karen found such peace of mind and self-worth from these treatments and practises that she felt an undeniable calling to help others.

 And so, Karen Grant’s Self Love Holistic Practice was born.

 “My biggest journey has been learning to love myself. The holistic services I am offering are the same ones I used to heal my trauma and learn to love and heal myself. I want to share that with others and help them heal themselves too.

 “Don’t get me wrong – I am still learning and still unravelling my deep-seated childhood traumas. Every day is a lesson for me, as it is for everyone in life. Self-love and self-help are a daily practice and we all need to look for ways to maintain our self-love and push away the negative thoughts we have, that seem to enter our minds so easily. “

“However, with my new-found awareness and an innate desire to feel better, I have begun to learn how to love myself – imperfections and all. Through this, I truly believe that I am ready to share what I have learned; to empower others to find the salve for their souls that they are seeking.”

 Karen is also the creator of reiki- and crystal essence-infused, aromatherapy Yoka Heart Balms. These vegan balms are 100% natural and contain zero chemicals and can impart on-the-go comfort when you need it most.

 “I wanted to create something that people can carry with them for comfort whenever they need it – be it joy, calm, clarity, love, mood or even to help them sleep. They offer just a small part of what I have to offer but help to complete the circle of healing.